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The ultimate expats guide for annual tax return 2024 (Renta)

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Ready for another tax season? As it approaches, it’s essential to gather all necessary documents for your annual tax filing. While our team at Spanish Solutions stands ready to assist you in preparing everything promptly, here are some vital details to keep in mind beforehand When do I have to submit my tax return? We recommend to our clients to… Read more »

Less inheritance and donation tax in Valencia Community

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With the advent of the new administration in the Valencia Community, significant revisions have been made to the inheritance and donation tax policies, mirroring the progressive approach taken by regions such as Madrid, Andalucía, and Murcia. Consequently, residents of Valencia now stand to benefit from decreased tax burdens. Let us elucidate the previous and current tax frameworks for better understanding:… Read more »

What is the Law Used for English Inheritance Situation in Spain?

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This article applies only to Wales and England nationality probates that are signed in Spain. We felt that we should clarify the English inheritance situation in Spain as now it can be quite complicated. Law of Nationality Prior to recent Supreme Court Judgements, we and other lawyers always had the same advice when drafting Spanish Wills for English and Welsh… Read more »

Working offshore? This is how is taxable your income in Spain.

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La vida pirata, la vida mejor… As we say in Spain, living life to the fullest: From Port to Port, an Amazing Overseas Experience. Jokes aside, it is well-known that there are no countries or strict regulations on the high seas. However, this doesn’t exempt you from paying taxes. If you work on a cruise ship, a vessel, or an… Read more »

Dealing with debts to the Tax Agency. What a nightmare!

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At a certain point in our lives, we may receive a letter from the Tax Office claiming that we have an outstanding debt. The reasons for this can vary, but nobody likes this situation, and it’s common to feel a bit lost. Are the surcharges I have to pay correct? We will help you understand better how the Tax Agency… Read more »

Ways of running a business in Spain. Which is the best?

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When embarking on a business venture in Spain, a crucial question that looms large is determining the optimal legal form for your enterprise. Each business faces distinct necessities and liabilities, making this decision pivotal. To aid you in this choice, here is a concise recap of the main options, along with their respective pros and cons. Autónomo/Self-employed This is the… Read more »

Vous voulez acheter votre maison en Espagne? On y va!

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Vous vous demandez quelles sont les étapes principales pour acheter votre maison? On est ici pour vous aider avec le processus. On comprend que ce n’est pas simple de commencer les recherches quand vous êtes intéressé à acheter dans un autre pays où tout fonctionne différemment, les conditions, les impôts, les frais, les registres, etc.C’est important de tout bien comprendre… Read more »

Exciting News! We’re Relocating to a Better Office Space

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We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Our company is relocating to a new and improved office space that will enhance our ability to serve you even better. This move represents a significant milestone in our journey, and we are eager to embark on this next chapter of growth and success together. The decision to move to… Read more »

Plusvalía tax. A second capital gain tax?

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It is possible that you do know about this tax if you have sold your property before. If not, this will look like a second capital gains tax. We will show you in this article how it works and explain the possible future of this tax. Which is subject on this tax? The true name of this tax is Impuesto… Read more »

Capital gains tax. How much do I have to pay for my property?

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When you get a valuation of your property, you should ask the following question:- How much will the Tax Agency take from my slice of the cake? We can help you to get a better idea of how this tax works in Spain. You should know that Income tax and capital gain tax are attached to the same tax: IRPF,… Read more »

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