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Insurance in Spain During Coronavirus

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Insurance. What do do if you have a claim, renewal etc. Many businesses are still running on the Costa Blanca because they need to and we need them. The Insurance sector is one such business. We heard from Right Move insurance for example, this week and that is certainly a vital service. We deal with Donna and a few other insurance… Read more »

Coronavirus in Spain.

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Coronavirus in Spain, fines, unemployment benefit and more. “May you live in Interesting times”. I would love to be living in very uninteresting times just now, but as you are aware, that is not the way things are!  Spain has been hit pretty bad by the virus. According to the official reports Spain is flattening the curve. Because of the welcome news… Read more »

Unemployment benefits during the Coronavirus crisis in Spain

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Emergency Economic Measures Introduced By Spanish Government. 19.3.2020 Clearly, Spain is currently in a very extreme financial situation. The climate is changing constantly but this is the most up to date information we have to hand.  The Spanish government have said they will help people, including:- Tax debts already in place will be able to be paid now in instalments… Read more »

Equity Release in Spain process

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We think that equity release in Spain in general and in particular Bare Ownership (Nuda propiedad in Spanish) is a wonderful option for many of our clients.  The concept involves institutional investors putting their own money on the table and freeing up money for seniors in Spain who are struggling with cash flow issues. In exchange for a very discounted… Read more »

British buyers in Spain

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Some Property News in Spain. The Spanish notaries release some figures every year regarding the state of the property market here in Spain. We get official figures in May 2020 for the previous year but what we have seen so far is interesting.  Some of the stats have ramifications for the Brexit negotiations still ongoing with Britain and Spain. It all… Read more »

Supreme Court Judgement on Working Hours – New

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The new obligation to record your working hours last year caused many employers and staff confusion. Especially regarding what was considered as worktime or breaks. Now there a new ruling on the matter. The Supreme Court Judgement on Working dictates that time spent travelling to the workplace is not work time. New Supreme Court Ruling on Working The ruling dated… Read more »

New build villa in San Pedro, Spain

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If you are planning to move to Spain and buy a new build villa in San Pedro, here you have a Special offer. Special offer on a new build villa in San Pedro, Murcia  Most of our clients know that Spanish Solutions pride ourselves on being one of the top legal, taxation, business set up, fiscal, residency, Brexit-proofing law offices… Read more »

How to Obtain a Tourist Licence (Murcia Community)

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Do you own a property in Murcia which you rent out? Do you have your correct licence in place? Do you want to obtain a tourist licence in Murcia? You are in the right place and you should do it now. There was a time when you could rent your Spanish property and never have to worry about any repercussions…. Read more »

How to Obtain a Tourist Licence (Valencia Community)

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Now that we are receiving a number of enquiries about registering a property in the Valencian Community we wish to provide clients with some information about obtain a Tourist Licence. As it is a complex matter, we are setting the information out as clearly as possible. Currently our registration service fees are 40€ + VAT = 48.40€. We also can… Read more »

Spanish Wills for People with Assets in Spain – Important

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If you own property, have a bank account, a car or other assets in Spain, you need to write a Spanish Will. It does not matter whether you are Non-Resident or Resident, it is important to have a separate Will. This is a Will prepared and registered in Spain, covering just your assets in Spain. Have a Will in Spain… Read more »

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