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How does the Tax Agency know if I am tax resident?

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This is something that a lot of non-residents and expats should be aware of. You could think that by only saying you are a non-resident is enough, however, the digital era we are now living in is bringing more tools to the Tax Agency to keep a track and check if you are indeed a tax resident in Spain. An… Read more »

Better taxation for Digital Nomads

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The Beckham law is not really a law, it is just an article about income tax law in Spain. The name comes from the famous English footballer, David Beckham when he came to play at Real Madrid.  The idea of this was not only to bring football stars to Spain but to make their taxes cheaper. What are the requirements? What are the advantages of this? Are there… Read more »

Paying Tax in Spain.

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Below we offer some very basic points on tax in Spain for residents and non-residents.  It is every person’s obligation to pay the correct amount of tax; not one euro less nor one euro more!  Tony Robbins. Tax is stressful. Tax in Spain is worse. Anyone who has had any dealings with the Agencia Tributaria (The Spanish tax authority) will… Read more »

Non Resident Tax

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Many of you know that it is law that all non residents that have a property in Spain pay Income Tax. The Income tax is based on the supposed rental income that your property would generate. Even though you may not rent out your property or make any income from it, it is still an obligatory tax. The deadline for… Read more »

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