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Handing The Keys Back To The Bank

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Do you own a property in Spain in negative equity? Maybe Spanish Solutions can help.  We can help surrender your property back to the bank. This email came from Bob, who we are assisting to get out of the debt he has with his Spanish bank. From: BobDeane@·······.com Sent: 27 August 2019 13:59 To: Equiries Subject: negative equity Hello, We… Read more »

A simple Donation (early inheritance)

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We received this enquiry today (Monday 17/6). It’s an interesting enquiry and one we see daily.   So we thought the information may be interesting for: Expats looking to save their heirs tens of thousands of euro in inheritance taxes after their day.( a few privacy changes have been made to the email) Good morning Nicola, I received your details from… Read more »

Divorce No Court

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It is a sad fact that the majority of the enquiries after Christmas tend to be either about Divorce no Court or Divorce in the Courts or Wills. This is a brief post regarding divorce no Court in Spain. As you will see from other articles, it is now possible to divorce in Spain without going to Court.  We received… Read more »

CASE STUDY Non- Resident Tax

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We recently received this question: “Hi, What documentation is required to complete our non-resident tax returns? And what is it? Many thanks” Our response: If we have not done them before, we need your Spanish deeds of your property, your latest SUMA (IBI) bill, and copies of your passports and NIEs. You can scan and email these to us. Non-Resident… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Client says they have No Deeds.

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Occasionally we have received an email from a client, who says something like “I bought a property off …… 12 years ago and I still have no title deeds. Please, can you help me.” This is a serious enquiry, which we have all too frequently, unfortunately. If we receive these enquiries we need to know if someone is in Spain… Read more »

“Regaining my deposit on a property in Spain”

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Received this from a grateful client. “I’m just emailing to let you know that the funds are now safely in my bank account. Would you thank all of the team for making it happen. I’ve written a testimonial below for your website. I have to thank the whole team at Spanish Solutions for the amazing help and support they have… Read more »

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