CASE STUDY – Client says they have No Deeds.


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Occasionally we have received an email from a client, who says something like “I bought a property off …… 12 years ago and I still have no title deeds. Please, can you help me.”

This is a serious enquiry, which we have all too frequently, unfortunately.

If we receive these enquiries we need to know if someone is in Spain firstly as then we can meet them. But the information that we really require is the date they made the last payment for the property, as there is 15 year limitation period.

In addition, what paperwork does the client have?

We are going to need to see:-

• Confirmation receipts of amounts paid (records of bank transfer or credit card payments)
• Receipt of payments received by the promoter or the property developers
• The initial total price of the property
• The correspondence (if applicable) between the client and the Property Developers or solicitors and any other written communications that may be of use for the case)
• The purchase contract
• Any other documentation that the client may have and that may be of use to us.

On occasions, we are also able to offer No Win No Fee for these cases.

Please contact Amanda on if we can be of assistance.

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