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Can you make complaints to Spanish Courts? Yes you can try.

We had a client approach us that said we culd use his case study to inform others.

He said “I made a claim through a Spanish lawyer against a Bank, to re-claim additional interest paid on a mortgage, which had a 3% ‘floor clause’. Although it has taken over three years, the lawyer advised me in September that the court had ruled in my favour,and that the bank had ‘.. already paid the award to the court’. I asked how long it would be before I received the money, to which they replied’…we cannot say’. Then, I reminded them recently, to which they replied that they were still waiting for the money, and that ‘… I needed to be patient’.

It seems wrong to me that the court can hold on to my money indefinitely, earning interest on it. That certainly would not be allowed in the UK,where I live. Is there a tribunal system in Spain, where I can complain about the court not handing over my money?

Can he make a Complaint?

We explained to him that unfortunately, at the current time, the Courts are overwhelmed generally and very slow. They appear not to understand how important is for clients and solicitors. Releasing the money is not important for them, it is just another task and  they always have more urgent things to do.  This is a link where if you are in this situation you can make complaints to Spanish Courts :

The money will come, we always see with our cases it does, but it is just slow, and your lawyer can’t do anything other than keep asking the clerk of courts to push the sectrary of the Judge when possible.

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