Clients With No Deeds Even Though They Paid For Their Property


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Clients With No Deeds Even Though They Paid For Their Property

Over the past few years we have had a number of people come to us with similar stories of having given a legal firm here power of attorney many years ago to purchase their properties, and some time after finding out that they never signed for the properties at the Notary, so the properties remained in the builder´s name.

The builder took mortgages on the properties (some were already in place, others were taken out after final payment was made) and now the banks are repossessing the properties. The builder went into liquidation, so the only possible avenues of recourse are against the lawyer representing them (or not), the estate agent (who was in with the lawyers) and the Banks in some cases. Unfortunately hundreds of people are affected and it has been widely publicised on the Costa Blanca. Many of the forums such as Eye on Spain have long-running threads on this topic.

There was a twist. A UK company contacted many of these people in UK and Spain (an “ambulance chaser”) and offered to assist them by acting for them as an agent, using UK and Spanish lawyers to get their money back or safeguard their property. We and the clients believe that this firm “ripped off” a number of our clients, charging them an average of 20,000 pounds each to submit actions and undertake certain work, a lot of it we have actual proof never took place (such as 3,000 euros each for a criminal claim in Spain which was never submitted). We have done what we can to get some of this money back from the firm in the UK and been successful in some cases and to date not achieved a result with other clients.

However, on the more important issue, we have submitted Class Actions against both the legal firm and the estate agent firm and are painstakingly researching and preparing for the time in Court when we seek that justice will be done.

If you have been a victim of any type of issue similar to the above, please contact us to see if we can assist you. Contact Amanda on




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