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Last week we received the following message via our website and the client has suggested we publish it for all those wondering about the same topic – Healthcare in Spain and Brexit.

This was Bob´s email:-

Name * Bob
Message: Health Care.
Good morning, I am a pensioner who wants very much to live in Spain. Nobody knows what will happen with the free healthcare after Brexit. There must be thousands of people my age, who must be worried how they are going to be able to pay private health insurance. Whilst in Spain last month, I visited 6 different insurance companies looking for a quote. The cheapest I got was 235.00 per month, the dearest was 600.00. It was also explained to me, this amount that you get what you pay for. These rates I was told are per person. Who on earth is going to be able to pay this amount of money? I met so many people who have lived in Spain for years, and they are scared of what will happen. Everyone hopes for the best, but you plan for the worst. In the case of the people that I met, they can’t plan, they would not be able to pay it. What will happen to these people who can’t pay? Many will not be able to `go home` because Spain is their home.

I love reading your newsletter every month, you cover so many topics, plus you help so many people with their problems. It would be nice if you did an article to advise pensioners what they could possibly do if it goes pear shaped. Maybe you know companies who would offer a special all-inclusive rate. Or even petition the Spanish government to deduct 10% from people’s pension. Anything that might make the next two years of worry, a little easier to bear. But as I said before, hope for the best. 

Regards Bob Bowers.

Page healthcare-prescriptions-here-in-spain

This was our reply, which he said really reassured him.

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for saying that you love reading the newsletter each month; we really do try to cover many topics and help people with their problems.

I totally understand your worries about the healthcare in the future after Brexit, especially after getting those quotes! I think the problem with doing an article on what will happen at the moment is nothing is definite. We like to report once a decision has been made.

I personally found the UK Government´s policy paper last week very confusing and unclear but it does seem that for your friends, those “settled” in Spain now, pre the “specified date” for Brexit in March 2017 was triggered, that for them it is proposed that the same benefits would apply. Thus I believe that as pensioners or others now with a right to healthcare in Spain (having applied for a S1 from the UK to be allowed health care free in Spain), this will continue.

So I think that although there is a lot of talk and worry for those here, especially when people chat, as it says in this policy paper, they should continue to receive their health benefits.

This is the policy paper

If you plan to move here in the future, then it is after the “specified date” of March 2017, and they do not really explain what will happen.

However, I think everyone considering moving to Spain needs to look at the whole picture; living in Spain is for many people far cheaper than the UK. One might be saving greatly on council tax for example (mine was 1200 pounds in the UK per annum 9 years ago and now is 350€ per annum) and the saving could be put towards health insurance or other expenses.

I believe that for anyone living here more than a year with a Padron in the Valencia region, and they do not have access to public healthcare, they can apply for the special Valencian contributory healthcare scheme at 60 euros per month for those over 65 years and 157 euros for those older

This page is in Spanish but and there are pages about this on the Citizens Advice Bureau website here it is(it is called the Convenio Especial). You can also go to the Social Security building in Torrevieja and they help will help with this. So good news!!!

Alternatively, we have companies that we know that can provide private health care quotes, which may be needed for the first year.

If you have made a decision to move to Spain, then I suggest to make a list of the few issues you need to sort before taking the step, and we can try to help resolve these issues, then you can make your dream come true!


  • Carole mcguinness

    I am looking for a monthly healthcare insurance plan to be paid monthly from october this year

    • Jane

      Hi Carole

      We have some insurance companies that we collaborate with, if you give us a call we can pass on their details.

      Kind Regards


  • Yvonne Lindsay

    Thank you for explaining as far as possible. I have lived in Spain since 2013 and have enjoyed the wonderful service given by this Country´s health service. However, I also would struggle to pay the insurance costs apart from which even in 2013 I was told I was too old for insurance cover unless, like the above gentleman, I paid an amount I could not afford.
    How do I apply for an SI please and would this bear reassurance of any sort?

    • Jane

      Hi Yvonne

      We would need to know which country you are a citizen of, if UK and you receive state pension then you can apply for S1. If you need any further help please contact us.

      Kind Regards


  • Terry Munro

    My wife and I have been spending the winter months in Spain since 2004. We bought a property in Oropesa del Mar in 2016. We have continued to spend just under 6 winter months in the property and the rest in England where we also own a property. We have current EHIC cards and expired SIP cards which our local medical facility will not renew. We cannot get medical insurance because of age (75/84) We are British and wish to remain British not wishing to live in Spain full time. You have probably heard similar stories to this. Any suggestions?

    • Jane

      Hi Terry

      Unfortunately travel insurance is the only option. I hope you are able to find a policy to cover you both.

      Kind Regards


  • Norman Williams

    Hi , my wife and I would like to retire to Spain post Brexit we are 65/67 mortgage free with a lovely home that we do not wish to sell. We are uncertain of the health care implications now and what insurance we would need, both in excellent health by the way . Any guidance would be gratefully received.

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