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A lady contacted us saying she had an accident in a restaurant 10 weeks ago and broke her wrist as she caught her heel in an uneven tile and could she sue for compensation.  Does she have a personal injury case?

Time-wise this case is fine, but although we can help many people with personal injury claims, it does depend on the circumstances. We advised her that if she wanted to sue the restaurant, she needs to prove negligence, that it was the fault of the restaurant (and the same goes for all of these types of cases), so she would need a video or photo if possible someone may have took, or at the very least a photo of where it happened, the exact tile.

We would also need to know when it happened and have the medical reports from the hospital/doctor. If not sufficient the client may also need an independent doctor´s report.

Medical compensation is based on set amounts and so can vary considerably depending on the amount of damage incurred to the person injured, their age, situation and all sorts of things according to a regulated compensation structure.  Clients in this situation should advise us of their story and their proof of negligence and we will be happy to assess the case. 


  • Annamarie Taylor

    I am contacting you regarding a potential medical negligence case. My concern revolves around the doctor who did the initial consultation. When she did the tests for appendicitis she did not do it properly. When pressure was applied she did not release it quickly which is what she should have done. This would have caused me acute pain and indicated appendicitis. Instead she pressed slowly and released slowly thus giving the negative result.
    When I was attended by Dr. Moskevgivch this test was done properly and the result was a positive indication of appendicitis and instructions to get to emergency as soon as possible. This previous misdiagnosis and delay necessitated an emergency operation. The appendix had ruptured thus requiring open abdominal surgery as opposed to keyhole. The recovery time along with the massive scar has caused me tremendous stress and a lengthy rehabilitation time.
    Please send your opinion on this case. Should you require further information do not hesitate to contact me via mobile or the above email address.
    Kind regards,
    Annamarie Taylor
    I have photos and hospital reports to substantiate this claim

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Annamarie, We am very sorry to hear what has happened to you. We cannot help or advise on this case at the present time. You need to contact another lawyer in your immediate area, however we would advise that medical negligence cases are very complex, take a long time and require some considerable expense. We do wish you luck and a good recovery, With kind regards.

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