Mary’s EHIC expires. We come to the rescue


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Like many people Mary Smith came to us a little bit lost. After years of coming for holidays, she had finally taken the plunge and moved over to la Zenia. Now her EHIC was no longer valid and she wanted to know how she was going to get registered with the local public doctor. Mrs Smith was 68 years old, so past retirement age. First of all, she has to register with the Social Security (Dirección General de la Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social or TGSS) which is based in many towns to get a social security number, which is vital. As her she has trouble walking, we could help with this. One thing she had to have was her address registered at the local town hall (go on the padron), which she had already done. She also needed her Residencia certificate, which we were able to arrange for her again.

Once she had been registered with the TGSS, they gave her a social security number. Also a certificate stating that she would be entitled to medical help. (Quite a relief for poor Mary). She then got a kind friend to take her to the local health centre with the certificate, her passport and NIE number to register with the doctor and apply for the TSI health card (tarjeta sanataria individual).   This was sent to her in the past as she did not want to go back to pick it up. The health centre then arranged for her to get the all important SIP card (tarjeta sanataria individual) and now she uses this every time she goes to a clinic, hospital and she also has to show it for her prescriptions at the pharmacy. The system would have been different had she been under retirement age, so please contact us on for any advice or assistance on medical issues or getting your Residencia.”


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