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We recently received this question:-

I am looking for a solicitor who can help me in a NO WIN NO FEE basis for a medical negligence. Can you help?

The answer is yes, we would very much like to help. We need to know the history of the potential claimant, so when did the negligence happen and where? There is a time limitation to medical negligence cases, like many things, and so it is important to find out when it happened, and if there are still ongoing problems and treatment. In addition, we can only potentially help if the negligence happened in Spain, as jurisdiction is important.

As it is very important to prove that it was a negligence, we need the reports from the hospital or doctor from the beginning to date, plus copies of any invoices for expenses the client has incurred and possibly photos may be useful.

We can study everything and assess the case. This will not cost anything and then we can advise the value of the claim and if we can assist on a No Win No Fee basis. We always hope that we can, but it very much depends on the medical reports.

If you think you have been a victim of medical negligence, from anything such as an error during surgery, or a misdiagnosis or leaving material in someone during an operation by mistake, please let us know and we will consider your case. Remember that medical reports are vital and it is best to keep them for at least a year after any surgery. Please contact Amanda Thomas on if you would like our help.


  • Timothy Reader

    Dear Amanda Thomas,
    I have accessed your No Win No Fee website for cases of medical neglience. I feel that I have been a victim of an error during surgery here in Spain which has lead to many complications and further corrective surgery over the last 4 years,
    Before I send you any documentation can I check that the time frame for a claim for medical negligence is still valid, initial surgery date in Spain was 15 October 2015.
    Kind Regards
    Tim Reader

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Timothy, Thank you for your comment and I am very sorry to hear this. The time frame is 15 years from when the negligence arose, so it is quite tight. Can you please send me details in an email and particularly anything that might show they admitted their negligence. Please send to for the attention of Amanda. With kind regards.

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