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One of our clients wrote to us recently advising that in April they bought some furniture and part of it has been delivered. But after many months they are still waiting for some of the pieces and are totally frustrated. They have been going to the shop each week as initially they were given a delivery date and now they are two months after that. They asked what rights do they have on cancelling the order and getting all their money back.

This was our answer. We advised them that they need to let the shop know in writing that they are now formally giving them a reasonable time limit (normally 30 days) to deliver the furniture. They should inform them that if they do not receive the furniture by then they will cancel the purchase and ask for the money back for that furniture. (If they do not deliver within the extended deadline given then they can terminate the contract and demand to be reimbursed).

They should do both the advice and the demand by letters in writing by registered post.

In the event that the store opposes this, or does not deliver then we will need to assist them with a certified legal letter.

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