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Top 5 Reasons to Use Spanish Solutions For Your Property Purchase

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1) Checking of Debts You need someone with experience who speaks good English as well as Spanish, who will explain everything properly to you and detail the costs. Searches need to be carried out, as it is vital to check a property is free of debts, has a title deed, check licences, make sure all documents are in order and… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Reclaim Money Owed To You Legally in Spain Part 1

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1) Supreme Court Judgement Ruling to Refund Off-Plan Deposits What is all the fuss in the press about the “Supreme Court Judgement on bank guarantees”? There was a Supreme Court ruling 2015, telling banks to pay investors back the deposits they put down on homes sold off-plan because very simply, it was law by Spanish Law 57/1968 (Consumer protection law)… Read more »

Top 10 Issues for Expats Living or Owning a Property in Spain.

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If you are looking to enjoy a permanent or non-permanent life in Spain, we recommend you follow this advice below:- 1) Apply for a NIE number (identification number for foreigners). You will need it to buy a property, car, setting up a bank account, get a new mobile phone etc. 2) Advice before buying a property: – Find a Representative… Read more »

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