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Residency For British Citizens in Spain and the 3/6 Month Confusion

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From time to time we have clients say to us that on many websites it says after 3 months you must get residency, and on others that after 6 months you are legally resident. This causes a great deal of confusion to those intending to move to Spain (especially prior to Brexit) and wanting to get their paperwork in order. Spanish… Read more »

Important Spanish Inheritance and Gift Tax Update admidst Brexit Uncertainty

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Many of you will not realise that inheritance and gift tax in Spain is decided at government levels but also by each region.  Each region of Spain is autonomous and so can apply their own tax reductions to inheritances and gifts. This is very important to know as in Spain, a property is generally not owned in the same way as… Read more »

Have you paid too much Inheritance tax unfairly and are entitled to a refund?

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Have you paid too much Inheritance tax unfairly and are entitled to a refund? Spanish Inheritance and Gift Tax Reclaim Please note this only applies to non residents of Spain, and you are within 4 years of when you paid inheritance tax, and you have the paperwork. We do not want our clients to forget that the laws regarding inheritance… Read more »

Dividing Joint Property Ownership in Spain

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Do you own your property jointly with your spouse, friend, partner or anyone and wish to change this situation? Many clients have asked about this over the year. Changing the ownership of a property does not always have to be done as a purchase of a share and a sale of a share. There is a way of dividing joint… Read more »

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