Fortuna Golf Court Resolution (No Win No Fee)


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Fortuna Golf Court Resolution (No Win No Fee)

Did you buy years ago in the town of For­tuna (Murcia) and the prop­er­ties were never com­pleted?

Are you aware that an Alic­ante Court con­demned Banco Pop­u­lar to re­pay two mil­lion euros to more than 60 people who in­ves­ted in this development project?

Would you like a chance to get back the money you paid, plus interest? Then please contact us. You may even have the opportunity of us taking on the case with you not paying anything (no win no fee) to receive a percentage of what you win back. So what is there to lose?

Spanish Solutions have dealt with many similar cases with dif­fer­ent build­ers and banks in­volved and justice can be done.

All the plaintiffs in the Fortuna golf case pur­chased dif­fer­ent prop­er­ties, pro­moted by the com­pany Promo­ciones Euro­house 2010, SL, now in bankruptcy.

They jointly sued Banco Pop­u­lar, as a Bank guar­an­tee had been agreed with the pro­moter, Promo­ciones Euro­house 2010, SL, to re­fund­ people in case money was lost, but in fact they never got their money back.

The pro­sec­u­tion ar­gued that con­sumer pro­tec­tion le­gis­la­tion (Law 57/1968 on ad­vance pay­ments on home sales), was to pro­tect amounts paid by con­sumers.

The Rul­ing  forced Banco Pop­u­lar to pay the ap­plic­ants amounts ran­ging from 34,000 to 88,000 euros and totalling about 2 mil­lion euros.

We have cli­ents in the same po­s­i­tion who have these cases in the Courts and we have many other situ­ations in­volving build­ers and un­built prop­er­ties from many years ago. If you are in the same situ­ation, please con­tact us.  There is a time limitation period of 15 years, you have to have your paperwork and you must not have been an investor with several properties, or you will not be covered by the Consumer legislation.

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