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Assistance for the self-employed or autónomos is now available in Spain. The coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation amongst the workforce and businesses and self.employed people alike.

The government published a decree on the 14th March ordering many businesses to close. There was then a further law on the 30th March which restricted many more workers. As at now (7.4.20), all but essential businesses have had to stop or work from home if possible. The first law did not affect all autónomos or self-employed. However the second one did.

The State of Alarm is in place currently until the 26th April affecting movement, but the businesses and workers affected by the decree on March 30th, this ends on the 9th April (as at now). This would mean, for example, a construction site worker may be able to return to work, unless things change next week. But not those affected by the first decree.

Assistance for the Self-Employed

For those who have had to stop working, the self-employed can access as measure of a benefit if 70% of their “regulatory base”. (or 70% of the minimum contributed if they have not credited it all). This is from the 14th March until the end of the month in which the State of Alarm ends. So end of April at the moment.

To get this you need to contact your accountant or asesor, who will arrange it. You do not need to do a “Baja” or officially stop working as this is a special measure by the government. This is for the self-employed where your work is forbidden or your official income has reduced by 75% (from an average over the last half year. You would have to prove this if your activity was not permitted to carry on and of course you must be registered officially as “autónomo”. You can apply, retrospectively, until the last day of the month following the month the State of Alarm ends.

For those who have not been prevented to stop working (but affected), there is also the possibility of delaying paying social security contributions (with no interest). You have to make the request properly and again need to go through your asesor or accountant.

If you have a business and employees, please also refer to your accountant. If you have not already done so, you can process an ERTE. Also you yourself can apply for the above benefit. Contact your accountant for help on these matters.

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