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No Win No Fee Cases

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No Win No Fee – What does this mean? Years ago Spain did not really allow No Win No Fee cases and there are still not that many lawyers doing this. However, now that it is possible, you are able to find these types of arrangements in Spain. Which is good, as it is very difficult to obtain legal aid... Read more »

Residencia and TIE

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Residencias and TIES

A change in September 2020 means when you obtain Residencia now you will be issued with an identity card called a TIE, rather than the previous small green card or certificates. There are two new processes, one for obtaining your first residencia in the form of the TIE, and a further for people who wish to change their current documentation... Read more »

New Normality in the Valencia Community

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Please note changes are continuing to happen. Please refer to N332 facebook for the latest updates. As at midnight on Sunday morning (21st June), the Estate of Alarm ended in Spain and we enter into a new normality in the Valencia Community. Many people think that everything is back to “normal” or how it used to be. However, as you... Read more »

Important update on Residencia (now TIE) Appointments in the Alicante region

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Please note this is changing us all the time, contact us for up to date info. Many of you have been waiting for an update on Residencia (now TIE) appointments in the Alicante Region. Appointments for Europeans (not including British Nationality) We are generally able to obtain appointments now within a short time frame for Residencias for those of European... Read more »

What will business in Spain look like post-COVID 19?

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Business in Spain will never be the same again. That is good for a business who offer safety and security to their clients, bad for those who are only offering cheap and cheerful. What will business in Spain look like? The “New Normal”. We are entering week 14 now since it became clear that things are going to change in... Read more »

Changing Separation or Divorce Agreements

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Recently we have had clients approach us regarding changing separation and divorce agreements. Post (or during) Covid-19, a lot of things have changed. Unfortunately the “new normal” means reduced circumstances for many. Perhaps a job loss, a reduction in salary, it can be all manner of things. Thus for a divorce or separation, what was agreed in the past regarding... Read more »

Divorcing in UK and Assets in Spain

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We have had a few enquiries recently about divorcing in the UK and assets in Spain. Mostly asking what are the rights of the spouse or partner with regard to a claim on the property. Jurisdiction The first thing we should explain that jurisdiction in divorces is where the people permanently reside and especially where children live. If you are... Read more »

Parts of Spain see a price increase during Coronavirus!

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Irish buyers are bullish about buying property in 2020. Two interesting surveys came out over the past two days and they are very positive! Let’s start in Ireland with the survey of almost 2,000 people, carried out by property website MyHome.ie. As a result of Covid-19, according to the recent survey, the large majority of prospective homebuyers are still planning... Read more »

Bank Repossession Buying in Spain

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The covid 19 crisis means that buyers are looking for bargain property in Spain, and we can help. During the last economic crisis, around 2008 people did a lot of bank repossession buying in Spain. A recession, due to Coronavirus, is imminent and a recession means property prices drop. Economists are telling us it will be a very quick return... Read more »

Buying a Business in Spain (Post coronavirus)

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Coronavirus has changed buying a business in Spain. Also business life in Spain will never be like it was. This is my opinion rather than a fact, but I’ll need a lot of time to be proven wrong. The good news if you can call it that, is it’s going to be worse elsewhere. Spain will get off relatively lightly... Read more »

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