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We are delighted to welcome Rafa Hernandez to the Spanish solutions family.

Rafael Hernández

Rafael is from Murcia City. His talent is to help companies, like Spanish Solutions to get better results from an outstanding organisational system. Rafa decided to study for a degree in Business and Administration at the University of Murcia. Later he studied for a master degree in Business and Administration (MBA) specializing in entrepreneurship so as to help entrepreneurs to start their own businesses in Spain. He even spent 6 months in Texas (USA) to improve his English learning and his last master degree was in Spanish tax advising. Now he can provide an excellent understanding in English of the complex Spanish tax system to residents and non-residents in Spain.

In his free time, he loves playing the drums, doing swimming and reading English Sci-Fi books. You can contact him at rafa@spanishsolutions.net

We really feel that Rafa’s professionalism is going to help us and our clients, both individuals and companies, who work with Spanish Solutions. By association, our business clients know that their customers are receiving the very highest level of care and understanding.

Why You Need a Tax Advisor in Spain. 

We know so many businesses around the Alicante area that do their own tax returns. I asked one guy once if he cut his own hair? He didn’t get the joke. A good, qualified and credentialed Spanish tax advisor can save you plenty of money. This profit would otherwise go into the pockets of the Spanish Revenue (Hacienda).

Experienced Spanish tax advisors possess the proficiency to understand the massive, complicated and often confusing Spanish tax code. Buried deep in the many pages are both trap doors and tax breaks. The average Ex-Pat or indeed Spanish resident likely wouldn’t recognize them, but a professional tax advisor would.

A tax advisor can also steer individuals and businesses to tax-advantaged money moves in key areas like; retirement, estate planning, investment management, and especially small business planning. That is all aside from actual tax returns. 

Major life events, like a marriage, the birth of a child, opening your own business or buying a home in Spain can be scenarios where clients could leave money on the table if they don’t consult with a professional tax advisor.

How to Find a Spanish Tax Advisor

Unfortunately, regardless of which type of Spanish tax advisor you choose, finding one isn’t difficult. We say, unfortunately, as a lot of the experts are far from that. Many are in fact totally unqualified. However, you can either opt for word-of-mouth recommendations by asking your co-workers, neighbours and family and friends for recommendations or as we recommend setting up a no-obligation meeting with an advisor. You’ll quickly get a feel as to whether or not the person you’re speaking to actuallñy understands Spanish tax. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Spanish Tax Advisor

(and how do you choose the best professional tax advisor for you?)

We advise our clients to start with their own unique goals and needs. This is especially true if your needs are more complicated. Let’s say you’re starting a small business, you’re already behind on your taxes, or you’re about to retire in Spain, you likely would benefit from a seasoned tax advisor. You need a professional who’s been around the block and knows how to expertly handle your Spanish tax situation.

Having said that, there are a few unifying factors that go into your tax advisor selection process no matter what tax advisor you’re considering:

Make sure to vet your tax advisor

We mentioned that unfortunately, there’s been an uptick in slightly shady, fly-by-night tax preparers in recent years. Your first job when choosing a tax advisor in Spain is to thoroughly research a tax advisor. We think you must Ask for professional credentials and references. You won’t hurt the advisor’s feelings dont worry. In fact, any tax advisor who can’t deliver on either front should be dropped from your shortlist. 

Make experience a priority

Having a tax advisor who has gone toe-to-toe with the Hacienda, (and won!) or who has specific expertise in your area of tax need, is a huge benefit. Rafa has many years of experience working in his previous firm 347. There is no hard-and-fast number when it comes to years of experience, but your vetting process should answer the question as to whether or not your candidate has the seasoned experience you need to handle your Spanish tax situation.

Look into two-in-one advisors; Legal and tax under one roof. 

Choosing the right individual Spanish tax specialist is the name of the game when looking for tax help. What else can you get? By choosing a tax advisor who is also involved in a law office like Spanish Solutions can give you a more balanced approach to how taxation fits into your overall financial situation. You might also get a special package to cover both legal and tax advice. Either way, having your accountant and lawyer working together could prove invaluable to you over the years.

Make sure you’re perfectly clear on the fee structure

Depending on your Spanish tax needs, your tax advisor will likely charge you on a sliding scale. Effectively,  the more help you need, the more you’ll pay. Typically, in Spain, tax advisors charge a lump sum for services rendered. Some Spanish tax professionals may charge you by the hour or by the tax return completed. It is important that you make sure to ask any tax advisor about fees before moving forward. In Spanish solutions, we like our clients to have this information in writing in advance. 

To summarise, Spanish tax advisors are not only for the wealthy, nor a luxury service. If you have a home in Spain, investments, retirement savings, a family, you’ll likely benefit from the help of a professional tax advisor.

In our opinion, it is worthwhile speaking to Spanish Solutions to get a second opinion of your financial situation or if you are just starting out in your journey, talk to us first. 

If you own a business and you’d like a special package including taxation, Spanish law and other services provided for you or for your clients, please just ask. Remember, we’re here to help.


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  • Gabby Lucchesi

    Hi I am looking for some advice on the Modelo 720 tax form. I am not sure if I need to do this?
    If you can tell me please and if I do need to submit it what would your fees be please?
    Thanks Gabby

    • Nicola Ryan

      Thank you for your enquiry Gabby,

      If you are a Spanish resident, we would recommend submitting the modelo 720, even if you have no tax to pay. We will contact you directly to discuss our fees and what is needed.

      Kind regards

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