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A lifestyle, activity based business in Spain for sale, lease or Joint venture.

Introducing; Rio Natura Camping, Alcoy, Spain.  

We are introducing to the market a brand new business, with the ink still wet on the licenses, after many years of bureaucracy. Now, the campsite known as Rio Natura is ready to launch in time for the 2022 market. 

‘Outside is the new Inside’ or so the developers of this new business have told us. Camping sites will boom in Europe, thanks to the climate, especially in Spain. 

Covid has changed the way people think. Sales of RVs, camper vans and mobile homes have soared over the past few months and will continue to do so. People want to travel without relying on airlines and hotels. Although it took many years to get the licenses, the timing is perfect for the Rio Natura campsite. 

Much more than a piece of land, this site provides loads of spin-off businesses especially for those who love the outdoors and being active. 

Fishing, Kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, sailing, hiking, cycling it’s all here and can very much become part of the high-level location. 

The campsite is a waterfront campsite in a protected location with Pine Forests and Open land. 

Features of the camping business.

Camping Options include.  

Mobile Homes.

Glamping Tents Bell and Safari.

Tree Houses.

Free/Wild Camping Private tents.




Alcocer de Planes, Valencia, Spain

Local Villages; Planes, Alcocer de Planes, Beniarres, Gayanes 

7Km From A7 Autovia 436 Valencia

Alicante 65km from Alicante, 

95 km from Valencia 

2 Km from Benimarful.

11km from Concentaina.


Ecotourism is defined as Responsible Travel to natural and cultural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the wellbeing of local people”. 

The World Tourist Organisation forecasts the ecotourism market segment will become the fastest-growing segment of the tourist industry. This happens both locally and internationally. 

The key principles of Ecotourism objectives compliment the camping and glamping industries. The impact on the environment is minimal in these locations. This is an industry that is sustainable especially through financial slowdowns or as we’ve seen through a pandemic

The business opportunity. 

Business for sale in Spain with the owners open to JV’s, leasing, selling and proposals that suit you, the potential buyer. Nor many campsites can boast so many of inland Spain’s best natural assets in one place. You’ll find a river, lake,  mountains and countryside (Campo) all complementing to beautiful Rio Natura Camping. 

The problem with a business like this is not demand or location as you would see in many other businesses. The problem here is getting the license from the local town hall. No licence means no trading! Since covid, many hundreds of applications have been made, but we see delays of years, literally, to get the final stamp. This business already has the licenses, this is the most valuable part of the operation. 

Location, Valencia, Spain.

It’s located in a protected area, a beautiful eco-friendly part of Spain.  The majestic Mariola Mountains serve as the perfect backdrop. They rise in the Spanish skies and nature surrounds the campsite with olive, peach, almond and cherry plantations.

Rio Natura’s back-to-nature experience enjoys a riverside setting, bordering on the Serpis River. The cold water flows into the Embassament de Beniarrés, bustling with life. The site nestles closely within the boundaries of surrounding villages sharing a location with Alcocer de planes and Gaianes.

Benimarfull is the closest village under 3km away, with all the amenities your clients will need. This a quaint Spanish town, much removed from the typical. 

Slightly further away is Muro de Alcoy (8km) a larger town with Mercadona and a selection of very good restaurants. Further afield still are the cultural, historical towns of significance: Cocentaina and Alcoy. Alcoy was declared an area of International Tourist Interest due in no small part to its spectacular Moors and Christians Festival.

In close proximity, your clients will discover many fabulous hiking routes. Font Roja, National Park has more than a few interesting snow wells, and the ‘The Serpis Greenway’. This popular walking and cycling trail, along the old railway line, is safe and spectacular. 

Rio Natura Camping’s accessible position enables you and your guests to submerge yourself in the idyllic peaceful surroundings. In short with Rio Natura Camping, you ‘Can have’ and ‘Do have’ have it all.

Why should you think about buying this business?

  • Business opportunity ready to go in time for the 2022 season. 
  • Perfect business model, no inventory, no chasing payments. High demand. 
  • All legal work carried out.
  • Various options of purchase, partnership and leasing. 
  • Location is perfect, a beautiful Spanish location.
  • Lifestyle business with massive potential. (our projections suggest everything can be paid for within just three years).
  • No more stressful Monday mornings! 

If you would like to know more or speak directly with the owners, please just ask. Spanish Solutions will help with your move to Spain, not just buying a business. We make sure your residency is in place, your taxes are paid (and not overpaid!) and you can relax and look after your own guests and clients. 


  • andy barton

    Hello. Is this still available? Are you able to forward financials, am looking at a JV. I am in the UK, looking to relocate so will need to be mindful of a Visa.

    Please also forward similar opportunities.

    • Tracie Miles

      Good morning Andy

      Thank you for contacting us. I will make some enquiries regarding this business and come back to you by email under separate cover. Regarding a Visa, you will need to contact the Spanish Consulate in order to apply.

  • Roman

    Hello! Interested in this type of business, can you forward more details especially regarding options of purchase, partnership, leasing. Thank you

    • Nicola Ryan

      Thank you for your enquiry Roman,

      We have passed this to the relevant handler, who will be in direct contact with you shortly.

      Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Kind regards

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