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Equity release on Spanish properties

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Equity release

Spanish Solutions offer Equity release on Spanish properties for seniors in Spain. Many expats are struggling in Spain with the rising costs of living here, currency fluctuations, less spendability of their pensions or investments and in some cases family or medical issues too.  Bare Ownership or Home reversion plans are now much more common in spain with 2,000 deals completed... Read more »

Division of Joint Tenancy or Changing Joint Ownership in Spain

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From time to time we receive an enquiry advising that someone is getting a divorce. One person is going to retain the Spanish apartment and the other the house in the UK, for example. Therefore they need to take one name off the Spanish property and transfer ownership to the other. So how do people go about this and how... Read more »

Supreme Court Ruling on Stamp Duty

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A Supreme Court Ruling on stamp duty has now come into force. Many people approach us to do changes of ownership of property. Also known as dissolution of joint ownership, and division of joint tenancy. Following the Madrid Supreme Court Ruling of March 2019 stamp duty will now only be paid on the outgoing share in a property transfer. As... Read more »

British buyers in Spain

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Some Property News in Spain. The Spanish notaries release some figures every year regarding the state of the property market here in Spain. We get official figures in May 2020 for the previous year but what we have seen so far is interesting.  Some of the stats have ramifications for the Brexit negotiations still ongoing with Britain and Spain. It all... Read more »

Holiday Home Costs Increase for British post Brexit

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Some people have asked us if their holiday home costs may increase post Brexit, if it takes place on the 31st January 2020. Currently, yes they will. Many people do not realise this, so we think it important to inform you. Firstly, non resident taxation:- Non Resident Taxation One tax that is likely to increase if the UK leaves the... Read more »

Government Old Age Pension in Spain

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old age pension in Spain

Please note that we no longer are able to deal with this issue (August 2020). Our apologies. Here are some points regarding the government old age pension in Spain: This information is important to know especially with Brexit around the corner. Even if you are Brexit proofed however, some of the points here are important.  How can I apply for... Read more »

Supreme Court Judgement on Working Hours – New

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The new obligation to record your working hours last year caused many employers and staff confusion. Especially regarding what was considered as worktime or breaks. Now there a new ruling on the matter. The Supreme Court Judgement on Working dictates that time spent travelling to the workplace is not work time. New Supreme Court Ruling on Working The ruling dated... Read more »

Tourist licences in Orihuela Costa – News

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Tourist licences in Orihuela Costa - News

Finally Ana received good news from the Town Hall today regarding tourist licences in Orihuela Costa for Spanish solutions clients.  Two months ago we were told that they could no longer keep up with the demand in the Orihuela Costa area for people looking to rent out their Spanish homes. All the information about getting the Tourism Licence in Valencia... Read more »

Spanish Residency (TIE)

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Residency For British Citizens in SpAIN

From time to time we have clients say to us that on many websites it says after 3 months you must get residency (TIE). On other law office’s websites it says that after 6 months you are legally resident in Spain. Here, we explain all you need to know about Spanish Residency (TIE) For British Citizens. This causes a great deal... Read more »

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