Important update on Residencia (now TIE) Appointments in the Alicante region


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Please note this is changing us all the time, contact us for up to date info.

Many of you have been waiting for an update on Residencia (now TIE) appointments in the Alicante Region.

Appointments for Europeans (not including British Nationality)

We are generally able to obtain appointments now within a short time frame for Residencias for those of European Nationality, with the exception of the British.

Appointments can be obtained very quickly once applied. Therefore it is essential to have all paperwork prepared and ready in advance. There is a great deal of information on this site in previous posts about what is required but please contact us to check your individual situation. If all is ready, we can apply for the appointment and accompany you to obtain your Residencia.

Appointments for the British

The Police Foreign Office in Alicante (which has been designated for supplying Residencias for British) is now open for appointments for those of British nationality to obtain the Residencia (now TIE).

Please contact us firstly to confirm what is required. There is a lot in our website on this subject, however it is best to check and secondly to arrange an appointment with us first if possible for us to review the paperwork.

It is essential to get it right, so we need to check that the paperwork is correct prior to the appointment. We do not want anything to damage your chances of obtaining a TIE. Please note you do need to be here in Spain in person to obtain a TIE attending the appointment with us.

Please contact us if you need any help with Residencias (now TIE).


  • george

    my partner and I have been offered a villa to rent long term if we wish.
    the idea was to visit for a 3/6 months, stay from Oct 2020 taking us to Dec and end of transition period. Could we then stay the further 3 months Jan to March without a visa.
    We would be looking at applying to be considered for residence status, assuming we are allowed and depending on outcome of transition talks. (I,ve no doubt we would love to stay)
    We were not intending to work, I am due to commence my pension in 5 years(partner in about 9years), but have sold house and will be selling business so being able to support ourselves won,t be a problem. Any advice would be very gratefully received

    • Ian C.

      My advice George is to get to Spain and apply for the residency before the end of 2020.
      Can you get here towards the end of September? I know it sounds like we’re splitting hairs but we need to prove you’ve lived here for three full months before we apply for your residency in Spain.
      You are still an EU member for 2020, so that is not any concern but if you are thinking of making a long term move to Spain, I strongly advise getting the residencia sorted out this year.

      Transition talks are not going well just now and this three-month break in negotiations is not helpful.

      Hope you really have a great time when you make the move over. Any more specific questions and you’ll get us on,


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