Requirements for Spanish Residency (now a TIE)


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The requirements to apply for your Spanish Residency (now a TIE) depend on the City that you are registered in the Padron. In Alicante the following documentation will be requested:

  • NIE ( Número de identidad de extranjero- or tax number)
  • Padron up to date (no more than 3 months old)
  • Original Passport
  • Residencia form (Spanish Solutions can provide this)
  • 3 months bank statements from any Spanish bank to show you live in Spain (the statement must have your name, bank name etc)
  • 1 passport picture

Spanish Residency for EU retired

If you are retired the Requirements for Spanish Residency are:

  • Form S1, E121 or E106 stamped by the authorities in your country: original + copy
  • Pension letter confirming your monthly pension amounts which must be 850 euros per month minimum
  • Last 3 months bank statements showing the pension payments (the statement must have your name, bank name etc.)

Spanish Residency for unemployed

If you are unemployed the Requirements for Spanish Residency are:

  • Bank certificate or declaration about the revenue
  • 9.000€ in a Spanish bank account (one person) or 12,000€ joint
  • Spanish Health insurance: original (one year paid upfront)

Spanish Residency for workers

If you are working here in Spain the Requirements for Spanish Residency are: :

  • Income after tax of 850€ per month minimum into your Spanish bank account, with evidence of it going in for 3 months
  • Valid signed work contract
  • Payslips
  • SIP card

This is some extra information for you to know:-
There are other circumstances that can make it easier to get residency in Spain.

For example this situation is a slightly different one:
We have as clients, an Irish married couple. She has a British passport, one of them is retired and can have the S1 form to get residencia, the other one (not retired yet) can apply for a S1 AS BENEFICIARY ( This works only if the couple are married).

We can apply for residencias for both with normal S1 (for the British pensioner) and the “S1 as beneficiary” (for the spouse) , plus the marriage certificate.

These are just ways we can help people to get Residency here on the Costa Blanca!

Contact Spanish Solutions today regarding your residency and TIE


  • John and Barbara payne

    We have a house in Pilar (Murcia Province) Twenty years. We both have N.I.E. numbers when we bought the property. I don’t know if these are still useable for Residency or Padron purposes, your advice would be very helpful. Thank you.

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning John & Barbara,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Your NIE never expires or changes and can be used for the residencia and padron, no problem. We hope this helps.

      Kind regards

  • Beverley Smith

    Should we apply for residency in our padron. We own a house in Murcia Province (since 2015) We are semi retired with income from our holiday lets and a UK postal address.
    We don’t want to spend more than 90 days at any one time as our annual travel insurance covers us for this period very effectively. Our main concern is how the 90 days in 180 works. It is January to June, July to December or on a rolling 12 month basis?

    If we spend 60 days between January and March, 15 days in May and 15 days in June do we have to register for residency

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Afternoon Beverley,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      To become resident in Spain, Spain has to be your main place of residence,your fixed abode and where you spend most of the year. When you become resident you will also need to pay your taxes to Spain. At the moment we cannot confirm what changes brexit will bring, as soon as we have any information we will advise our clients by a blog on the website and also in a newsletter. We hope this helps.

      Kind regards

  • David

    How much money us required to show in my bank account in Spain for Residencia. I am receiving a uk state pension in my uk bank my wife will receive hers in Seotember.

    • Ian C.

      Hello David,
      12.000€-13.000€ for a couple is needed in your Spanish bank account before you can apply for residency here.

      Any more questions, please ask,


  • Mel Batchelor

    I have my S1 certificate. Do I need to register for my health card before I obtain residency or will my S1 form suffice?

    • Ian C.

      Hi Mel, Answer from Gema:
      To obtain the residencia the client needs the S1, and as soon as he obtains the Spanish residencia, with the residencia document and S1, he can request the SIP card.
      First Residencia and then Medical cards
      Meantime they receive the residencia the can use the EHC and as soon as they obtain the residencia, they will apply for the SIP (Spanish one). This is not an automatic process.

  • Celeste James

    Hi, i was told to have 700 euro going in to my bank account every month to apply in Denia. Ive had it going in since last year. Now it’s changed and we have to go to Alicante with 18000 euro for myself and my 2 year old. Is there a way around this! Would another province still accept the 700 euro a month going into my account if we moved? Please help. I was only going to start work when my little one went to school, thank you

    • Jane

      Hi Celeste

      We believe currently for Alicante province the requirement is 10k for a single person and 2k for a child. We cannot answer for other provinces.



  • Catherine Curtis

    we want to move to Spain, my husband is British, I am American. If we get residence via my husband’s UK citizenship (before the end of the year) , is there a minimum amount of stay in Spain that is required?

    • Jane

      Hi Catherine

      In the first 5 years of residence you should not be absent for more than 6 months each year.

      Kind Regards


  • rudi Diment

    Hi, my parents want to get residency, theyhave over 1k private pension per month. They have been told (by friends and I think wrongly) that a private pension cannot be used and it has to be over 850 euro per month as a state pension….. with them thinking they cannot apply with their pension, they have been told (once again by friends and once again I think wrongly) that they need 9k euro each to apply where i have read that as a joint application it is 12k euro between them. They are in the Alicante region. Could you tell me which is right please. Thanks

    • Jane

      Hi Rudi

      In Alicante region a pension of around 850 euros per month per person will work for the application, however as it is a private pension they will need private healthcare. At present we believe in Alicante it is 9k euro for single and around 12k euro for a couple if a lump sum rather than a monthly income.

      Please ask them to contact us and we can assist with the process.

      Kind Regards


  • Philip Teasdale

    Hi. We live in Spain but are not UK state pension age yet. My wife has been resident for 3 years as she got this with her autonomo self employment,which she stopped after 2 years. Am I not entitled to resistencia by other ways, without money in the bank and health insurance,as we are a married couple?

    • Jane

      Hi Philip

      If your wife is no longer autonomo you would be applying as unemployed and require to meet the criteria of funds etc.

      Kind Regards


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