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This is a real question from an Irish lady received today. They wanted to know, How can Spanish Solutions help them to purchase a Spanish Property?

Purchase a Spanish Property

Client enquiry

 Dear Spanish Solutions

We intend to purchase a property in Villamartin from Adam in Spanish homes online in June 2021. 
It is a three-bedroom townhouse in Los Dolses to be specific. 

We are looking for a law office to represent us. A friend of my husband’s bought from you back maybe ten years ago. Please can you tell us specifically what you will do if we decide to engage with you for the transaction? I work in a solicitors office in Longford town so I do enjoy details! 

I met Ian Comaskey once or twice over the years- Please tell him hello from Mary Byrne (Declans’s wife)

Longford, Ireland.


Purchase a Spanish Property – full Process

Hello Mary,

My name is Yannelsis, nice to meet you.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home in Los Dolses. Spanish Solutions work closely with Spanish homes online and we can assure you that you have found a terrific, trustworthy agent in Adam.

I will go through what we do here in Spanish Solutions to help you with your Spanish property purchase. I will try to do all the points in order. 

Pre-purchase review of documentation.

As a prospective purchaser, you need advice on a vendor’s declaration plus the terms of any contract.

I can help you understand what planning restrictions apply, is the pool legal (although I think it is a communal pool in your case?)  building regulations and how they affect you. If required, we will draw your attention to any encumbrances that affect the title. What if they built a shed on the roof without planning for example? 

Next, we will advise you on how to make a formal offer to purchase your Spanish property.

We review the purchase contract that the seller will send to us. We carry out the searches of the Title (we call it Escritura) and the necessary rate, planning and other certificates. Do you need a Spanish mortgage? We work with Bank Inter, Sabadell and Bankia to get you a deal and we liaise with them to arrange the funding for the settlement. 

The closing date is specified in the Contract. It will be a day that suits you, the seller and the bank if required. You will enjoy this day, it is when your family finally takes possession of the property. Spanish Solutions arrange a convenient time and location with the other parties involved. There are two notary offices here in La Zenia. 

Final Inspection of your new home. 

You and Adam should arrange to inspect the property during the week preceding settlement. We’ll help set it up. You are entitled to receive the property in the same condition and state of repair as on the day of sale. 

The Keys

Handing over of the keys to your new home in Spain (exciting time) is usually organised by the  selling agent.  This agent (probably Adam?) will be notified when settlement has occurred and instructed to release the keys to you. 

Title Insurance

Some people go for this, others not. We are neutral on it. Title insurance, the company tells us, provides protection against a wide range of risks that can be apparent on any property or property transaction. Really, Spanish Solutions do such a good job, it probably is unnecessary, but then again it is very cheap. It ensures that you, the new owner of the property, have good title.

What does that mean? (good title) 

We’ll make sure there is no illegal building works. Is the pool registered for example?  

What if someone else is claiming an interest in your land?

Are there forged documents resulting in a challenger to your ownership? Could there be a fraudulent mortgage registered against the property?

Are there zoning issues which prevent you from residing in the house? (we know there are not as we’ve done hundreds of deals around Los Dolses, but i just need to mention it) 

Do we have unpaid rates and/or taxes from the previous owner which you could become liable for after settlement? 

Home Utilities

Eva Gonzalez in our conveyancing department will notify the council, local water authority, Iberdrola (electricity) of the change of ownership.

We can also help to arrange for connection of TV, wifi, gas and telephone.

The big thing you get from using a solid company with such a good reputation as Spanish Solutions is peace of mind.

You will sleep better in your new Spanish home, knowing that everything is taken care of. 

I am available to chat with you via video call or regular phone call if that is something you’d like. We are very happy to help you and we hope to exceed your expectations. We have literally 3,500 happy clients who have used us for conveyancing, plus thousands of others who use us for their Spanish will, Spanish taxes, rental licences, refurbishment and much more that I will explain to you in person next month.

Sincerely, Yannelsis.


  • Pino Asaro

    Ola, we are a retired couple turning 70 in a week, and my wife the same next february. Living in Canada, we have been researching properties located in Alicante province. More specifically, with proximity to golf communities. Due to COVID we do not plan to travel before next January or February. However if the right opportunity comes along we could proceed virtually. Reading the services you provide, kindly guide us through the steps/legaliites we need to expect during the buying process. I have been in touch with agents re. properties of our interest but no commitment as of yet. Our budget including taxes should not exceed 150,000 euro. Given our age I understand it is not possible to obtain a mortgage eventhough your low interest rates are very attractive. We own a revenue property, have investments, and enjoya good pensions so repaying is really not a problem. A solution would be to have the property registered in our children names afterall it will be their property one day. We could also pay in full with no mortgage if really necessary. BTW what is the current rate? Last but not the least we have also an Italian citizenship and passport. Thank you for now. Cheers.

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning Pino,

      Exciting times ahead for you and your wife, and happy birthday, when it comes.

      We would be delighted to help you locate and secure your perfect Spanish property, we are based in La Zenia in the Alicante region and know the Alicante area well.

      We can put you in contact with many Spanish banks to confirm if a mortgage is possible and if so what mortgage offers are available. In regard to putting the property into your children’s name, this would not be a problem as long as they are not minors (under 18 years). When applying for the mortgage, it is important to advise the bank that your intention is to put the property into the name of the children, as they have to agree to this when providing the mortgage.

      The mortgage rate could be between 2-3.5%, many factors would affect the interest rate. We will contact you directly to discuss this matter in more detail and to confirm where we can help.

      Kind regards

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