Energy Performance Certificate

On the 1st June 2013 the new law came into force that all properties in Spain for sale or rent must have a valid Energy Performance Certifcate. The certificate is valid for 10 years and will need to be produced at the notary when a property sale is due to complete.

What is an energy certificate?

It is a report that describes how efficient a home is in terms of energy consumption (just like the ones in the UK and Ireland). It assigns an energy rating to each home on a scale which ranges from “A” (the best) to “G” (the worst).

Who can issue an energy efficiency certificate?

According to the royal decree “energy efficiency certificates should be issued by qualified professional technicians “.This is usually an architect.

Will I be able to sell a home which does not have an energy certificate?

No you won´t. You will have to have a certificate before selling your home.

Who will have to pay for the energy certificate?

The owner of the property to be sold or rented.

How long is the energy certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for 10 years. This means owners will not have to obtain a new certificate during this period unless they renovate or change the property in any way.

If I want to sell my home and it has a poor energy rating, such as D, E or F, am I obliged to make any improvements?

No, you are not obliged to make any improvements.

Will a low rating affect the sale of my home?

The only way it will affect a sale is how the rating influences the buyer.

Will the technician need to visit the property?

Yes. They have to visit the property to take measurements and collect information about the property before drawing up and certifying the report.

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