Fines for Landlords (Short term) in Spain who do not Register their Property

A couple of years back, the Spanish government decided that in order to promote hotels and tourism in Spain they would make the rental of property here to anyone who was not a family member illegal.

They saw sense but decided that the law would now say anyone renting a property in Spain short term needed to register the property.

There is good news and bad news.

First the good news; – it is free to register your Spanish property for rental.

The bad news: failure to register your property can result in fines of up to 5,000 euro to you, the landlord.

More bad news, we think the Spanish government is looking to go after landlords and ensure that they are tax compliant and this is the first step along the way. Currently most landlords pay their non resident tax in Spain and pay tax on their rental income in their country of origin. This is no longer sufficient and they now need to pay income tax here or at the very least declare it. Income tax on Spanish rental income is not the subject of this post but it’s important to know the rules.

The registration process is free. However, the form itself is long and complicated and guess what…. in Spanish!

Next, it must be presented in Alicante in person, not via mail or email, in person.

It actually states that this registration number you will receive must be included on any advertising you do on your short term rental property in Spain so they are taking this seriously.

Please note this article is not up to date, please contact us for more info on this topic. 

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