Archaeological Museum in Murcia


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If you fancy something a little different for a day, the Archaeological Museum in Murcia is well worth visiting. It shows some of the most important pieces recovered from archaeological sites in the Murcia region and some audiovisual exhibits.

This is an excellent article about it.

Murcia has a rich archaeological heritage as this area of Spain has been invaded or visited by most Mediterranean civilizations; Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Berbers. The four audiovisual reconstructions in different rooms help visitors to be able to understand what sites would be like during the occupations. The Museum is free and is an unappreciated treasure trove. It has a stylish café area outside and is well worth a visit. All of the display boards are in Spanish but if you ask at the Reception desk, they provide an information booklet in English.

Here is the link to the map.

Avenida Alfonso, X 7
30008 Murcia (Murcia)
Tel.:+34 968234602
Fax.:+34 968204994


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