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For those who are unsure of the legalities regarding the use of helmets in Spain, drivers and passengers of motorcycles, or motorcycles with side-cars, three-wheeled vehicles, mopeds and quads must use properly approved helmets.  Not using a helmet is considered a serious infraction that could lose you three points from a driving licence.

Remember that if a moped or motorcycle passenger does not use a helmet, it is the driver who is sanctioned, although in this case, it would not lead to loss of points. The driver is considered responsible when setting off knowing that a passenger was not wearing a helmet.  If you are not wearing a helmet properly or without fastening it, this will be sanctioned as if you were not wearing it all, which is a serious infraction.

Remember that if because of a breakdown you have to push a moped on the hard shoulder you are considered a “pedestrian” so you don’t have to put on a helmet if you wish. But if the problem is with a motorcycle and you have to push it too on the hard shoulder, then you must use the helmet as you are deemed a driver.

Try to always use full-faced helmets that protect all of the head, the law does not force you to do so, but in the case of an accident, it can make the difference between serious injury or death.



It is as important as a helmet to wear suitable clothing and especially gloves since the hands are the first thing we put on the floor when we fall.  We do it instinctively and skin on asphalt in a motorcycle crash sometimes causes injuries and scars for a lifetime.

In summer it is cooler wearing short sleeves on a bike, but dangerous and risky. Many of the jackets now available on the market allow you to use them throughout the year, as they have a lining that warms you during the winter, and you can remove it in summer to let the air through, but the protection is the same. Although it is not mandatory, gloves and a good jacket are needed by a motorcyclist.

Remember that if a motorcycle is equipped with safety belts, you should use them, and you are not forced to wear a helmet. So even if you can choose not to wear a helmet if there are safety belts installed on the bike, it is best if you use both simultaneously.

Like bikers, cyclists should also use gloves because, in case of a fall, we tend to place  our hands on the ground to protect ourselves, and without adequate protection, we can get injured. Riders of bicycles and, where appropriate, their passengers are obliged to use approved helmets.

Remember that if for any reason you must leave a vehicle and walk on the road you must use an approved reflective vest. It is mandatory to carry at least one in a vehicle, but really advisable to carry two (in case of a passenger).

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