Should I change my British driving licence to a Spanish one?


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Should I change my British driving licence to a Spanish one?

Attention: British people resident in Spain without a Spanish licence. Like so much of the unknown out there about British people living in Spain post Brexit, we have enquiries every day about the UK driving licence.

This is fairly black and white. If you live in Spain, have your Residencia and do not have a Spanish licence, you should get one. (Attention to our Irish, Scandinavian clients- we also mean you!)

After March 29th,we have no idea what will happen, but we do know that a Non European citizen applying for a Spanish licence must sit a driving test and theory test in Spanish.

To apply for a Spanish driving licence the following documentation will be requested:

Drivers licence (both parts if you have them if not we will get you to sign a form confirming you no longer have it)
Psicotecnico (Medical Test)*
2 Passport photographs
Padron (no more than 6 months old)

The key is to get the application done while Britain is still in Europe – as things stand before March 29th 2019.

The process will be take a minimum of 6 months.. During this time, Trafico will provide you with certificates along the way to confirm which part of the process you are at and then a temporary Spanish licence at the end which will cover you until your official licence is delivered by post. Its as easy as that, we will make it a hassle free process for you.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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