A nasty surprise for this poor property owner!


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Many clients unfortunately let their Spanish property slip their minds when caught up in their normal working lives. One such client was Mr Brown who approached us having heard about us from his key holder saying they were coming out to the property in a week´s time and had just been told by the key holder that it seemed that the electricity and water have been cut off. This can seem very daunting and really it is best and cheaper in the long run to ensure there is sufficient money in the Bank to cover the direct debits, but it can be sorted.

We just asked Mr Brown to provide us with his contract numbers from his bills (or he can go onto his Spanish bank account and if he clicks on the direct debit it will bring up the little slip with the detail it will show the account details and reference number for water and electric). We also needed Mr Brown´s NIE number and his current passport copy as his electricity meter had been removed (if it had been a simple reconnection this would not have been necessary) to send them to the companies and then we can get on to them and sort out how much is outstanding, ask Mr Brown to send the payment to us and we go and pay it, arrange the reconnection and a new direct debit to his current account.

Mr Brown was sorted and a very happy man, after being worried he would have no electricity or water on arrival at his holiday property.  We can arrange the new set up usually in 5 days, which is a record time because everyone has problems and usually the companies take more time than that!

The important thing is not to panic, but to get straight onto us with as much details as you can, and then we can start checking the situation and then resolving it for you. Please if you know anyone in this situation ask them to contact Amanda on enquiries@spanishsolutions.net

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