What is a Denuncia, when would I make one and how would I do this ? 

If you are a victim of a crime in Spain you should complete a Denuncia (Denouncement ), which is basically a report made to the Police. You can make a Denuncia at any local Police Station or Guardia Civil police station. (This would be usual but it is possible to go directly to the Court also).

If you wish to do this at the Police Station in person then you either need to be able to speak Spanish, or take somebody that can speak Spanish with you.  You can do this over the phone in English if you wish, and this can be done as follows: dial 902-102-112 and have your NIE or passport number to hand and your full address. 

You will hear Spanish and when answered, ask to speak in English (you might have to wait a short while for an English speaking operator to become available).  They will ask you if you wish to make a Report/Denuncia.

It is useful to have a clear idea of what you wish to say and maybe to have this written down in front of you. When you have supplied all required information you will then be given a reference number that you will need take with you to your nearest police station within 48 hours.

This ‘Denuncia’ will then be forwarded by fax to the police station nearest to your address. It would be a good idea for you to know which the nearest police station is in order to avoid confusion.  Remember, you must go there within 48 hours to sign it.

In the case of you making a claim against your insurance you must make a ‘Denuncia’ as you will need a copy of it for your insurance company. If a ‘Denuncia’ is issued against you will need to go to the police and give a statement. If you are making an insurance claim, a list of items stolen, with approximate values (and receipts if you have them), will also be needed by your insurance company.

If someone tells you they have made a denuncia against you, don´t worry. The best thing to do is to wait and see if you receive anything as it may be just a mere threat.

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