I cannot find my property deeds

What do I do if I cannot find my property deeds? This is quite a frequent question. It is not such a strange scenario, especially if they were left with a solicitor, who has now died, closed down or moved, or you have moved house or bought a very long time ago.

And what if you need them to sell?

Firstly, if you have a copy of the deeds, it really does not matter so much. Most things we do for people, like calculate non-resident taxes, investigate building issues, even calculate taxes for a donation or inheritance, we can do with a copy of the deeds.

Also, as long as your deeds have been registered at the Property Registry office and you have your name as the owner, a notary will authorise you to sign on a transaction, even selling, if you do not have the original. The solicitor should apply for the registry information anyway, ownership details and any outstanding charges on the property.

If you do want an authenticated copy of your deeds, there is an option of going to the notary where the title deeds were signed when you bought the property (with your passport) and ask them to supply you with a new copy. If you cannot remember where you signed the original as a long time ago, you can apply to the Property Registry and ask for a “nota de localizacion”, which will give you the name and address of the notary where you signed the deeds.

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