Cannot find my Spanish Will or have not made one

What is the case if I cannot find my Spanish Will? Do I need to do a new one? The answer is no, you don´t.

As what should have happened is that when you made your original Will in Spain then one copy would have been sent directly from the Notary to the Last Wills Registry in Madrid to be registered there. When someone passes away, the first thing the lawyer in Spain will do is contact the Last Wills Registry in Madrid. So that they know what the last Will made in Spain was. It does not matter too much if you or your family cannot find a copy, as long as you know what was in it. You could request a further copy at the Notary where you made it originally.

If you have assets in Spain and do not have a Spanish Will, that is a different matter.  We would always advise that you have a Spanish Will. Please see the pages on that topic, or contact us for more information.

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