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Inheritance Tax Reclaims

In September 2014 the European Court of Justice ruled that Spain could no longer charge non-residents of Spain more inheritance tax or donation tax than a resident of Spain would pay.

This was a massive landmark ruling with an effect on all non-resident property owners in Spain, and especially those who have paid inheritance tax or donation tax in Spain in the past four years.

Donation tax is when a person is the recipient of a lifetime inheritance, e.g. a property is gifted to them while the donor is still alive. Again, the tax paid by a non-resident of Spain was usually currently far higher than for a resident.

We felt at Spanish Solutions that we could put in a claim for overpaid tax in the last four years for our clients in some inheritance and donation tax cases. We have now received many Resolutions on Inheritance Tax Reclaims (currently winning them all), winning the overpaid tax back for our clients and interest for the past four years.

Please contact us if you feel you have a legal case for having overpaid inheritance or donation tax in the past four years or can introduce anyone in this position, as we can help.

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