CASE STUDY – NIE Certificate


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CASE STUDY – NIE Certificate

We received a web enquiry not long ago.

“Good morning, I have just bought a car from a dealer and been told I need a tax identification number, is this correct? “

So what is this NIE number?

All foreigners with any kind of possible fiscal (tax) obligations here in Spain are required to obtain a foreigner’s identity number, called an NIE (“Número de Identificación para Extranjero”), which identifies you to the Spanish tax authorities. This is very similar to the National Insurance number which you have in your own country. Of course, buying a car, someone will need to pay road tax.

This original certificate is essential when completing many of the transactions on a daily basis in Spain – buying and selling a property or getting a car registered in your name, getting a job or opening a bank account.

The NIE number certificate is now only issued with a validity of 3 months, but really this only needs renewing for Traffic matters, as for most other issues the original certificate suffices.

How to get an NIE in Spain? We will prepare the paperwork for the NIE application and then accompany you to the relevant issuing office to obtain this certificate.

We will need a copy of your passport and a passport picture.

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