Case Study for Paying a Parking Fine


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Case Study for Paying a Parking Fine

Can anyone tell me were to pay a parking fine as I lost the ticket but have the time, date and ticket number? The Bank have said I need the ticket.

Traffic fines issued by Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT in Spanish) can be paid online, during the voluntary payment period, at:, using your credit or debit card.

If you have the ticket you can pay either at post offices with necessary equipment to read the bar-code on the notification.

You will only pay 50% of the full penalty charge if you pay within 20 days of receiving the penalty charge notice.
Please bear in mind that:
– The fine must be paid within the voluntary payment period.
– Should you later need a duplicate of payment receipt you can download it from the link.
– If you need assistance to pay the fine please call this telephone number: 0034 902508686.

The CAB also say this:

If issued by a traffic warden for outstaying the permitted time on parking ticket obtained from parking meter, you might have the chance to have the fine annulled. Check the parking ticket and the parking meter for options for ´anular multa or sanción´. You have to enter your licence plate number and for a fee of three euros you will receive a receipt for the annulment and an envelope. You will have to place both original ticket and annulment receipt in the envelope and place in slot in parking meter. Respond time: one hour in excess of the time originally paid for at parking meter, and as stated on your ticket.

Some cities, like Madrid, have refined this system, as the above described way will render you without proof whatsoever. The machines there only require you to enter your licence plate, a receipt for the paid annulment fee will come out and you will be able to safeguard that plus the original parking ticket in case something goes wrong and you will still receive a notification of the fine in the mail. Respond time: one hour after the fine has been issued.

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