Gentleman receives speeding fine for car he no longer owns!


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A gentleman came to us and said please help!…

My parents sold their little car two years ago in Spain, and expected the buyer to sort the paperwork. They have now received a speeding fine in their name and the SUMA (Road tax) has also not been paid. We do not know where to find the buyer. They are at their wits end.

Firstly, this is why people should come to someone like us when they sell a car privately, as otherwise sometimes unfortunately it can end up a mess. What needs to be done when a car is sold is a contract of sale (must be in Spanish and signed by buyer and seller) and a change of paperwork at Trafico, which we can arrange for you.  You must get the buyer´s ID (NIE, passport, proof of address by padron, electricity bill, or water bill).  If this is not done, the log book will stay in the previous owner´s name, and they will be responsible for any fines, road tax etc, unless it can be proven that they car was sold. 

We told the gentleman that we could resolve his problem and duly did, very cheaply, with the purchase contract and his passport, but it is best to do things properly, and secondly to always keep records of paperwork and ID if you sell a car.

Fortunately, this gentleman has absolutely no need to worry as now his parents will certainly not receive any more speeding fines! Nor will they have to pay road tax for the car, as it is officially notified that it is sold.

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