Legal Win Case Examples

LEGAL WINS of Spanish Solutions

Case 1

We took on a major Spanish Bank who were approached by their customers some time ago having noticed many large cash withdrawals that they had not done themselves. The card was still in the customer´s possession and the Bank refused to refund the poor customers their funds when they argued it was a fraud.

The Bank strongly argued they didn’t have to refund the withdrawals and would not pay and said they had no liability, seemingly ignoring the possibility of the card being cloned. The Spanish Solutions legal team took on the case, argued it in Court, and won! The Judge said that the use of credit cards must be covered for this type of event, which can happen, even if not common. The customers will shortly receive their money back and interest.

Case 2

In addition, the Spanish Solutions Legal team took an action against Polaris World and another Bank (who had a Guarantee), all the way through the Court system to the highest level in Madrid and won again! The case was because Polaris World had not finished on time the property being purchased, or in the correct manner, and the client wanted the contract dissolved and his money returned. Polaris and the bank were working against the client and refused to cancel the contract, wanting him to complete the purchase.

Having lost at an earlier stage at Court, and having been told he wasn´t going to get all of his money back, the Client was urged to appeal at the High Court of Justice in Madrid and the case was taken all the way to the top. The Judge at the High Court, ruled that the contract was cancelled and that the funds had to be returned to the client.

Case 3

In another Polaris case, the client was offered a deal of 25% of his funds back. He declined, the Spanish Solutions Legal team took the case to Court and he won. He will now receive 100% of his money back, plus the costs!

In these difficult times, it is pleasing to see Justice done in the Spanish courts, and also when Banks have acted wrongly for them to have to admit that. Please let us know if you have a case we can help with.

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