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Legal Actions in lockdown in Spain (or during the State of Alarm) are all currently frozen. As most peope would imagine. So except for criminal or labour issues all the Courts are closed in Spain.

You have a Legal Case in the Courts

If you have a current legal case in the Courts, then after the recent Royal Decree this is now suspended for the period of the State of Alarm. Thus no hearings (these will be postponed) and Courts are not granting Resolutions. We just have to think of it as time being stopped and it will all start again.

Your Time Limitation for any Legal Actions in Lockdown

People are usually aware that different sorts of cases have time limitations. Firstly everything is suspended at the moment, so we do not need to worry about this. However secondly, there is an issue with many cases that date from before October 2015. These will expire anyway in October 2020 because the law changed a few years ago.

Now is the time to pursue legal actions in lockdown.

This is the opportunity to explore the chance of some extra funds coming your way. It is when (whilst things are perhaps quieter for you) you can dig out old paperwork and emails. If you had a case such as a lost deposit, we should start work on this straight away. We need to stop the time limit before 5th October 2020. We do not have to win the case or bring the case
to Court before October 2020. Only to send a letter to stop the time limitation.

You lost money in the past or you have a case now

Our solicitors have more time now as the Courts are mainly closed to study cases and assess chances. We do this for free. If you have lost money, suffered a negligence or have any other type of case, now is when you should send us a quick email to discuss if we could possibly help.

Please send us first a brief history of your issue. Then we let you know what you need to send us from your documents etc.


  • Nina Jovanovic

    I have lost deposit of a school fee . The school told me that I should tell them before 31 march but the state of alarm was on 13th of march and the school locked down . The school say that I was late for deposite having back but I could not get anyone cuz the school was not open. I wonder can I have my deposite back since the lockdown was 13 march ?

    • Ian C.

      Hello Nina,

      Without knowing all of the details of this case, it sounds to me that legally you are entitled to a refund.
      Please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.
      You will need to pay a small provision of funds and Pedro will write to the school and see how they respond,

      Hope this helps,


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