Translation Services

There are times when people need translation companies and we can provide experienced English/Spanish translators and interpreters.

To complete any transaction in the Notary Office, you will require a translator to assist and translate in front of the Notary. We can provide translators to assist with all aspects of Notary services.

We charge for the first hour of translation service and then a reduced rate for each subsequent hour.

Translation work

Online translation services are available. Often English to Spanish or Spanish to English translations are required. We can also do Spanish proof reading. We should be able to assist whether your property is on the other side of Spain, or if you are based in another country and not planning to visit Spain in the near future.

We can also arrange for official translations of any documents which you may require from translation companies. (Spanish to/from French/English/German/Scandanavian/Russian) – for example birth and wedding certificates, Title deeds of properties and contracts for services.

Please simply request a translation quote . Please advise the timescale in which you require the documents. We do have a sworn translator.

Looking for a solution?

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries and one of our friendly members of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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