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This is not something I had ever thought I would be blogging about on our legal and tax webpage, but why not? When you find a quality product or service, just like our own, I believe you want to use it, 

In fact, if that company has got their customer right, it goes beyond that, it is that your customers are going to seek your company out first for a product or service. You have managed to impress them with your quality of product, your rapport, your delivery, established trust and captured that client. 

So the aim of any company has to be consistently, unfaltering, dependably and professionally providing quality services to your clients. No matter your area of specialisation. You are committed to your business/staff and your clients.  You make sure that everyone in your business knows the goals of your company and your clients, and that they are appreciated and rewarded for delivering a quality service and product.

Your clients can trust in the fact that they need not look any further. You’re there to support them.

Our newsletters are to inform and for communication. We want to advise you of matters that may impact a property search, a planned change of lifestyle, buying a business, whatever. We share knowledge that we accumulate as we are on the ground here

And although our articles certainly in the local press are about legal and tax matters, we can occasionally break the mould and surprise you. We are part of the community to serve you and customer service is more than delivering service.

So this article is now going to tell you about a little secret find of mine. Mercadona; our local supermarket, tries to bring some Spanish products to their shelves. In fact, an impressive  Spanish marketing lawyer told me last year that many Spanish supermarkets sell a few quality brands of beauty products at vastly reduced prices. Intrigued by the unusual name sounding as if it was from “Game of Thrones” I picked up a jar of Beaute Mediterranea “Dragon’s Blood Cream” in Mercadona for 5 euros and tried it.

This is an exceptional quality anti aging cream enriched with the extract of croton lechleri tree resin (otherwise known as dragon’s blood – unusual nice smell), with exceptional regenerative properties, transforming skin to reveal extraordinary softness and increased elasticity.  It contains a blend of vitamins, soothing aloe vera and nourishing vitamin E to provide hydrating, protective and regenerative benefits.  It usually retains at 32 pounds sterling!

They also offer one more product from this Barcelona based company for around the same price at under 5 euros: an Instant Reduction product for under the eyes’ bags and wrinkles (it is amazing!).

These products are usually 32 pounds to over 100, so if I was you I would take a look in Mercadona. Personally, I like the  Beaute Mediterranea Botox Like Syn-Ake Eye Contour Cream, which I have had to order online.  

Have fun ladies…finding some great products so cheaply!  Amanda


  • Lama

    Hey there, I am in Barcelona, I looked everywhere but could not find where Beauté Mediterranea products are sold! I would be grateful if you could provide me with any specific address. Thank you!

    • Amanda Thomas

      Hi Lama, we spoke on email but Mercadona, Ebay or Beaute Mediterannea’s website, plus others online. All the best!

  • Lilian

    Can I buy Mercadona range of Eau de toilette here in the UK or is there a website I can order it from. Thank you

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Lilian, Not that I am aware of, I think Mercadona just get good deals with suppliers here. Sorry, next time you are on holiday. Beaute de Mediteranneo creams (lovely) you can google but much more expensive if you do not buy in Mercadona. Kind regards

  • Janine

    Im a Canadian and have been using this cream for years! It’s truly amazing. I buy mine at the Mercadona in Ayamonte. It’s divine!

  • Caroline Peake

    Mercadona is from Valencia but has amazing products this one is from recent collection and seems good as i live in Spain will try it!!!

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