Notarised Documents

There are several documents that are prepared at the Notary and these are only a few of the most common examples:

Power of Attorney

This is the process whereby you nominate someone to transact on your behalf, for example to buy or sell houses, open bank accounts and sign documents.

This can be between partners and on a reciprocal basis, giving both equal rights to effect transactions on behalf of each other. Also, this can be arranged for a third party, meaning that the purchasers/sellers of properties do not need to be present at the Notary when the sale takes place.

A Power of Attorney can be given to one or two persons, for example, meaning that if one person cannot attend the signing for a property, the second person can go in their place and both represent the original Buyer/Seller. Spanish Solutions can offer this type of representation.

The POA takes place in the Notary, in front of the people transferring powers and a translator. The document is produced in Spanish when done in Spain, or in Spanish and English when signed abroad (which we can assist with).

A POA can be arranged with an expiry date, and after this date the document becomes invalid. This means that the person holding POA can only transact on behalf of the individual for a limited period. If POA is granted for an indefinite period of time, the same people have to return to the Notary when they desire to revoke the Power

To arrange a power of attorney you will need to be present here in Spain with your passport or we can send a draft wording to a Notary back home.

Notarised Documents

As a simple and convenient alternative to carrying original documents, many clients prefer to arrange for an official Notarised copy of their passport, driving license or Residencia Card. Once stamped by the Notary, the document then takes on the same authority as the original and makes it much easier to replace any lost or misplaced documents.

We need the document to be brought to the office and this service usually can be done the same day and costs very little.


A Spanish Will is not valid unless it has been done through a Notary. We assist with the preparation of Spanish Wills and accompany you to the Notary to translate.

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