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Sometimes clients ask how long does a Habitation Certificate last? Often clients in the Valencia or Murcia region approach us for help selling. One thing they have heard about is that their habitation certificate needs to be up to date.

What is a Habitation Certificate?

This is a document granted when a property is constructed and has been approved as being habitable. It certifies that it meets all the construction requirements and is “legal”.

In the Valencia region, so around us, La Zenia, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Alicante etc they were granted for 10 years. Now they are known as a Licence of First or Second Occupation.

When do I need a one?

You might need one when you come to sell. We help with all aspects of property sale in the areas around Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and others in the Valencia region.

You also might need one when you are changing owners of a water contract as sometimes this is required. Unfortunately this is often needed when someone dies and a probate is done.

When does the Habitation Certificate expire?

If granted in the Valencia region, it will expire after 10 years and you will need an architect to arrange for a new Licence of Second Occupation. We can arrange the visit and help with documentation and advice on this matter. Costs will be quoted on request for you.

The Habitation Certificate will expire after 10 years

Do you need Licences of First Occupation, Licences of Second Occupation or Habitation Certificates? We can help, plus with legal work for buying or selling property. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and with more detail so we can assist.

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