What is it and when do you need it?

  • The ‘Padron’ is a register kept by the Town Hall of all those persons resident in the town/area
  • Everyone who lives in Spain (more than six months a year ) is obliged to register on the ‘Padron’.
  • The Padron is used by the government and local authorities to keep a ‘head count’ on how many people live in the area.

You also need to keep on this register if you wish to use, amongst others, the local school facilities, medical facilities and many times, if you wish to apply for facilities offered via Social Security.

Residents who can demonstrate the requisite time on the Padron, can also receive benefits or a cash grant when getting married to another resident, or may qualify for financial assistance for any childrenthey have had here in Spain.

Trafico, the traffic department of Spain, also demand that to import a car here from another country or to qualify for a Spanish Driver’s Licence*, and many times to register a car in your own name, you must also be registered on the Padron in the town hall, proving your address.

By registering on the ‘Padron’, you will also help the Municipality to receive more financial assistance in the form of subsidies and grants from provincial, regional and government authorities for the provision of services. Those who register for the same, have the right to vote in local elections, if registered on the ‘Padron’.

As stated, anyone who lives for more than six months in Spain is required to register on the Padron. However, the certificate itself only lasts for a limited period of time. This means that you must update the certificate in the event that you are asked to produce it for something specific. Essentially, whoever asks you for the original Padron, will need one with a relatively recent date on this (within the last 90 days of issue).

You do NOT need to update your certificate simply if the date has run out, only when you actually need to prove that you are registered.

How do I get it?

You need to apply at your local town hall in person. Each town hall asks for different papers and should be verified prior to standing in the queues to apply – its very frustrating to finally arrive at the head of the queue and be turned away due to not having enough copies etc. Papers which all the town halls require are:-

Owners of the Property:-

    • Title deeds of the Property
    • Passports of those applying
    • Water or electricity bill of the property
    • Residencia Certificate

Owners of the Property who wish to include someone on their address:-

  • Title deeds of the Property
  • Passports of those applying
  • Water or electricity bill of the property
  • Residencia Certificate
  • Renters of Property:
  • Rental Contract, signed and stamped by Rental Agency or owner of property
  • Passport copy of owner of property
  • Passports of those applying

We can assist you to apply for a padron at Orihuela Costa Town Hall.


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