Residencia: Obtaining and Renouncing Spanish Residency

Obtaining Residencia

If you live in Spain for 183 days or more (not necessarily consecutively) then you are a Resident of Spain. You need to obtain Residencia and you also need to become a Fiscal Resident.

To become a Resident, you need a a NIE and to apply for residencia (residence status in Spain).

This is not a fiscal residency; that is the next step afterwards to become a tax payer in Spain.

Spanish Residency

For Residencia you have different possibilities depending on your circumstances, for instance if you are:

Retired, unemployed, working in Spain, self employed.

We can explain the documentation that will be requested: You will always need:

  • Passport
  • Padron (see separate page) but for instance,
  • Photo
  • Ex-018 Form

If you are retired then you are also going to need a Form S1, E121 or E106 stamped by the authorities in your country. You will also need proof of your pensions from your pension provider, and last 2 months of bank statements showing the pension is paid.

If you are unemployed the situation is different and also if you are working for a Spanish company. 

However, if you are retired then with the original S1 form, pardon, residencia and passport we can arrange for you to obtain a SIP card.  

Renouncing Spanish Residency

To renounce Residencia you need to go back to the Police Foreigner’s Office with your original Residencia, passport, and the appropriate form. We can assist with this. Previously, it was possible to do this with power of attorney, however we cannot be sure again, until the offices for Residencias re-open (as currently closed July 2020). It can be a good idea to ask for a certificate as proof of non-residency status.

Please note that this issue has changed as at August 2020 and it is best to contact us directly for information.

Please contact us if you need help with renouncing or obtaining Residencia.

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