Maternity Issues in Spain

Many prospective mothers ask us questions on this subject, so we have prepared information here. If you would like to discuss a particular issue or know more, please contact us.

What paperwork do I need to submit ?

You will be given a maternity certificate at the hospital and you go with this and with the paperwork from the Civil Registry, a survey form from the INE (also given at the hospital) filled in, to INSS to apply for maternity leave (16 weeks paid).  The INE is a form for the Intitute National of Stadistic and it is given at the hospital to be filled in.  The address for the INSS in Orihuela is:Instituto Nacional De La Seguridad Social Inss
San Agustín, 20
03300 ORIHUELA, ALICANTETel. 965300006

What paperwork do I need to submit to register the Baby?

This is the first step. You go the Civil Registry with the Maternity Certificate, and the survey form from the I.N.E. (given at the hospital also) filled in with original NIE and passports for both parents.

How long does it take?

This depends on the Civil Registry of each town.

When is the earliest I can apply for Maternity?

You have 30 days from when the baby is born.
What does the father need to submit?

If the father is working as contracted employee or as self-employed, he is entitled to 15 days paid paternity leave. The father will need to submit the last three autónomos receipts paid, the birth certificate for the baby from the Registro Civil and the application form.

Do we need Residencias and NIE or just NIE and Passports?

Ideally Residencias if not NIE and passports.

What other benefits do you get from the government
for the baby?

Please check this as we are not up to date on this issue. 

Can this be done by a lawyer or do I have to physically
go there myself?

Normally people do it themselves unless they need a translator.

What happens about my holidays?

In Spain we have 20 working days holidays or 30 working days including Saturday and Sunday. There is the right to enjoy your 20/30 days within the natural year.  The company cannot decide to not give you the holidays. It would be against the Law.  They can say when you should take the however.

What about scans and hospital appointments?

These need to be in your own time but hopefully an employer will be reasonable. If you are off sick, you need a sick note or baja.

How much will I be paid?

You will be paid 16 weeks of the amount in your nomina (or salary slip).

Please note some of this info may be out of date now so please check with us.

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