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Residents in Spain have access to the free public Spanish healthcare system, although private insurance may be necessary in certain situations, depending on your age.

If you are living and working in Spain, you will generally pay income tax (social security) that goes towards providing you with free state healthcare in Spain. The Spanish healthcare system ranks amongst the best in the world and is funded by social security payments, meaning the majority of residents do not require private insurance to access Spanish healthcare. Depending on your circumstances, however, some additional health insurance cover may be required, while private health insurance offers quicker medical treatment in private facilities.

If you require additional health services, private health insurance providers offer a range of packages which cater specifically to your age, health condition and other circumstances. As ever, it’s important to thoroughly research your options and seek as much advice as possible before committing to a specific health plan. Foreigners may like to check if their package provides the same protection in Spain as it does in their country of origin.

While the quality of Spain’s public healthcare is of a high standard, some residents do opt for private healthcare in order to avoid the sometimes lengthy waiting times associated with the public service. This is an important factor to consider when weighing up the private care avenue, particularly if you have a medical history which suggests you will require regular treatment. If this is the case, then cutting down on waiting times may be a priority for you.

A private care plan can also enable you to select a doctor with a strong grasp of English, which may be of particular importance to those who expect to be in regular contact with their GP. Lists of English speaking doctors are often available from tourist offices and embassies.

Families may also want to explore various family insurance packages in order to get the best possible value for money, and some insurance firms also provide additional cover, such as 100 per cent dental cover.

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