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The Orihuela Costa provides excellent medical services to both residents and visitors. The Spanish health-care system is very good, the doctors generally are excellent and most hospitals are modern and well-equipped.

Our local Torrevieja Hospital has won awards. There are a few differences between the British and Spanish health systems, but overall they are very similar. Before moving to Spain, you should make sure you apply for the new European Health Insurance card (EHIC), which replaces the old E111.

An EHIC will cover you for emergency healthcare treatment in Spain. It is really for tourists, but will cover treatment during your first few weeks in Spain.  You apply for this in your home country if you are a non resident of Spain.If you are not paying into the Spanish social security system, you may also be able to get state healthcare if:

You are in receipt of a pension or incapacity or bereavement benefit. are an early retiree to Spain and have been resident for less than 2 years. You are a posted worker for an EU company.You are a dependent of someone who falls into one of the above categories. You will need to take the forms you get from your home country to the offices of the Spanish Social Security Department (INSS) and once registered; you will receive a card for a local health centre.

We can assist with this for you (providing this is local to the Orihuela Costa).

If you are planning to live in the area on a long term basis, you will need to register at the local Medical Centre to receive treatment. Each Centre asks for different paperwork which can be complicated to complete. Our team can assist in liaising with the Medical Centre (providing it is local to the Orihuela Costa) and follow through by requesting the various paperwork from the different offices in Spain.


Although many long term residents in Spain take courses to improve their level of Spanish, there are times when it’s necessary to ask for some professional help. Whether you require documents translated with an official stamp (needed by the Notary offices and legal offices) or perhaps some Medical Documents which you need to give to the Doctor, we can arrange for translations of all Spanish documents.

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