Change to Spanish Plates

Many clients find it more convenient to bring their car to Spain than to purchase a new one once here. We can arrange for your car to pass the necessary paperwork, present the same to the Traffic Department for the Spanish Car registration and then obtain the Spanish Registration plates.

If you are non-resident and a member of the EU, you may drive your vehicle from your home country within Spain without changing the number plates.  (However, after 181 days in Spain it has to go to Spanish plates).

If the car needs an ITV (the Spanish MOT), this can be carried out in Spain but will only be valid whilst the car is being driven in Spain. You can obtain insurance for your vehicle but will not be able to tax the vehicle here – you must apply to the relevant home authorities for this.

After 6 months of the vehicle being in Spain, you are obliged to change to Spanish plates (you can do this earlier).  While the car is here on foreign number plates, you are required to put “stickers” on the headlight bring them in line with Spanish regulation. To change to Spanish plates, the car must have been in the owner´s name one year.

You are granted a period of 60 days after obtaining a Residencia (as a Resident) to legally “import” your vehicle. In order to do so, you must have a Matriculation and ITV inspection, pay the relevant tax at the appropriate Hacienda and apply for a Spanish matriculation at your province’s Trafico office. We arrange this as part of our Matriculation service for car registration in Spain.

If we can assist with a quote for changing your car to Spanish plates, please contact us to discuss this.

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