Debt Check on a Car in Spain

Buying a second hand vehicle in Spain can be complicated, costly and time consuming if you do not have the right help. The most important thing to remember before you buy a car is to do a debt check. We had a poor client that discovered after they had bought a car that there was still a very large loan registered against the car. Under Spanish law if a debt is registered, you automatically inherit the debt, so it has to be repaid and cleared from the records before you buy it to be safe.

Checks can be made on any Spanish registered vehicle by supplying our company Spanish Solutions with the registration number and where you are based and we charge you a small sum for providing you with details of any debts currently registered against the car. We can do this for you wherever you are buying the car in Spain.

We can also provide you with other services including change of foreign driver’s licences to Spanish, renewal of Spanish licences, re-registration of foreign vehicles to Spanish number plates, change of ownership and car insurance. Contact us for assistance in this respect. We would recommend you never buy a second hand vehicle without undertaking a debt check on it first.

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