Fines – Speeding etc.

People always worry about traffic fines in Spain, especially as there seem to be more and more police stopping people and checking documents or penalising them for minor offences.

Firstly, don´t panic if you are stopped by the police. Just be pleasant, calm and reach for your documents and driving licence. The police are just doing their job.

If you are fined it is going to detail why, where it happened, the date and time along with the penalty and if you have lost points.

So how are you going to know if you have an outstanding fine?

1). Obviously, you might be pulled in while driving and given a notification of what you have done. You will be asked to sign it, and if you do, you can still appeal later. You will be given the opportunity to pay there an then with a discount (half) but you don’t have to and you will still have 20 days afterwards to be able to pay less if you are a Resident.   If you are not a Resident of Spain you have to have to pay immediately. Always have your NIE with you (a copy) as that helps.

Our friendly Traffic Cops in the N332 have told us that please do not think that you might as well appeal a fine, as if you do not win the appeal, you will not get the discount and will pay a surcharge. The discount is a bonus for not lengthening the process. For example, the charge for not wearing a seatbelt is 200 euros but it is 100 euros if you pay with the discount. They also stressed how important it is to make sure that your correct address is on your logbook as otherwise, you could not be aware of a speeding fine and end up at some stafge with an embargo.

2) By email: only if you have registered online on a DGT website only in Spanish but you need a digital certificate.

3) You receive it at your address.

4) In the official DGT Spanish website. If you are concerned you can search this and put in your NIE or matriculation.

If you think a fine is unfair you can appeal.

If you need any help please contact us.

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