How to get a Motorcycle Licence if you have an EU licence

First of all, what age can you ride a motorcycle in Spain? The answer is 15 for a motorcycle or moped up to 50cc, 16 for a motorcycle up to 125 ccs (this requires an A1 licence) and then 18 for a motorcycle with a bigger engine than 125 ccs (or a car).  If you have had a car driving licence for three years then you can drive a licence up to 125 ccs without a further motorcycle licence now.

Can you use an English licence? Yes, EU licences are recognized but after six months of becoming resident in Spain, you are expected to change your licence to a Spanish one and the local police tend to fine you or give you one warning if they stop you.

What do you need to get a motorcycle licence?

You need much the same as for a Spanish driving licence:

– Your Spanish Residencia and your passport

– Any current foreign licence

– Proof of address via a “padron” dated within the last 3 months

– A completed application form

– A fee

– 2 Passport sized photographs.

Please contact us and we will help you with fees, and any questions that you may have.


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